Meet the kids part 1 – February 2024

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Meet the kids part 1 – February 2024

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We have plans to house and provide shelter for 35 kids from the local area.

We would like you to meet some of them!

Tracy Atago 12 years old

Tracy Atago is 12 years old and living with her grandma. She was not normally born her mother had been operated and she was abandoned by both her parents at 9 months since then her grandma has been her mother and dad. She likes studying and eating.

Moses Kodet 4 years old

Moses Kodet is 4 years old and living with her mother. 

Moses was delivered from home with only her mother in the house. When he was 1 year old, he fell sick which many people believed was witchcraft. He was bedridden for 6 months and just by the grace of God he survived. He likes studying and playing football.

Tom Muwanguz 10 years old

Tom Muwanguz is 10 years old and lives with his grandma. When he was 2 years he got redskins sickness and lost his mother at 3 years. He likes playing football.

Mary Kyozira 6 years old

Kyozira Mary 6 years old lives with her mother. When Mary was 8 months in the womb her mother got a neck tumor and by the process of her surgery the medicine she got affected her. She’s weak on her left hand she can’t carry anything and she can’t sneeze due to the effects of her mother’s injections during her tumors. At 3 months old she also got a breast tumor on her right. She only smiles on Saturdays and Sundays and likes playing with her friends.

Winnie Mutuwa 7 years old

Winnie Mutuwa is 7 years old and living with her grandfather. Her mother abandoned her when she was 8 months old. She’s a happy girl and likes playing and singing gospel songs.

Patience Serina 11 years old

Patience Serina 11 years old, lives with her mother. She lost her dad in an accident at 4 years old. She’s jolly and likes playing netball, watching TV, and helping her mother to cook.

Nicolas Ojiambo 10 years old

Nicolas Ojiambo is 10 years old and living with her mother. He started caring for her young sisters when he was 6. He likes studying, playing football, and eating rice and meat.

These are but a few kids in the area where there are more who have been abandoned by their parents or have lost one parent and are in difficult or unbearable situation.


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