Life in the Day of the Children – New Hope Uganda

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Life in the Day of the Children – New Hope Uganda

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Day in the lifes of the Children of New Hope Childrens Home Uganda

Life in the village used to flow at its own gentle pace, with the rhythm of nature guiding each day. However, things have taken a drastic turn since the government sold the land to Chinese and Indian corporations for monoculture cultivation of trees. Now, the land is unavailable for local people to farm and grow food, creating an unsustainable situation for the village.

Children in the village usually engage in various activities like playing traditional games, helping their families with chores, attending school if available, and more. 

However, with the land sold off, families are struggling to make ends meet. Grandmothers and mothers, along with their children, now wake up every morning and go to the forest to look for firewood to sell or to make charcoal just to feed their families. Meanwhile, young children stay home, and you can still hear their laughter as it’s not silenced by the weight of their families’ struggles.

Some men in the village labor in the forest, cleaning weeds or tending to pine trees for the corporations. Others work as security guards, while some have lost hope and drown their sorrows in alcohol. The meadows, once filled with the joyous laughter of all members of the families now only have children whose general joy of life can not be silenced even if their dreams wither away. They are full of life but lack opportunity.

Many young children, deprived of the opportunity to attend school, are forced into labor-intensive activities like bush cleaning, collecting pine tree gums, or planting trees for corporations. Their childhoods are stolen by circumstances beyond their control.

Evenings are spent gathering around the village center, sharing stories, and enjoying the simple pleasures of community. As families struggle to survive, many are leaving for bigger cities, leaving their children behind in search of a better future that seems increasingly out of reach.


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Life in the Day of the Children – New Hope Uganda

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