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After establishing children homes in India our mission has moved to a little village called Lucinda in Uganda (about 3 hours from Kampala) where we want to start again to give disadvantaged children the opportunity to have a home and an education. 

Luke 6:38. Give and it will be given to you. For the measure you give it will be given to you.

Coming Soon

Life in the New School

This is the planned daily schedule for the children when the school is built and operational. Morning: – The children will wake up and get ready for the day with the help of orphanage staff or volunteers. – They will have breakfast together in a communal dining area, where nutritious meals will be provided by […]

Christianity and the Poor: A Call to Compassionate Action

In the heart of Christian doctrine lies a profound commitment to caring for the poor and marginalized. From the teachings of Jesus Christ to the actions of countless believers throughout history, Christianity has consistently emphasized the importance of extending a helping hand to those in need. This blog post will explore the deep-rooted connection between […]

Life in the Day of the Children – New Hope Uganda

Day in the lifes of the Children of New Hope Childrens Home Uganda

Life in the village used to flow at its own gentle pace, with the rhythm of nature guiding each day. However, things have taken a drastic turn since the government sold the land to Chinese and Indian corporations for monoculture cultivation of trees. Now, the land is unavailable for local people to farm and grow […]

Breaking the Cycle of Abandonment: Building Hope in Rural Uganda

In the rural expanse of Bukaleba, Lukinda, Uganda, a poignant narrative unfolds—a recurring tale of abandonment and resilience amid the stark realities of poverty and despair. Here, parents flee hunger’s clutches, seeking opportunities in distant towns and cities, leaving their children behind, tethered to aching grandparents or, worse, to the unyielding solitude of desolate homes. […]

Michael’s Story

Michael is the head of the project in Uganda and the local pastor who’s initiave it is to save his local abandoned children. My name is Michael Bogere and I am 33 years old in April  2024.  I was born and raised in a very poor and strict Muslim family in Mafubira, Jinja Uganda. I’m […]

The Need of the people

The Need

Where to start, the need is vast and anything we do is a drop in a bucket and this can almost be a reason not to start…. But how can we not at least try to make a difference to a few lives and who knows when we have started maybe we can change many more.

In my first blog I mentioned the village Bukaleba and Lukindu in the parish of Lwanika. The village is a long way from the nearest town and there is no public transport and private vehicles or motorbikes are unaffordable by the majority. You will often see a family of 4 on a motorcycle riding over rough terrain with potholes that will easily destroy most vehicles.

Uganda Mission

A short update on our journey so far. This post details planning permission and the progress we have made so far

Uganda New Hope Childrens Home

The beginning of our journey in Uganda. Helping those who need it the most in remote part of the world.
How our Christianity brought together two pastors in different continents and started something special.

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