Uganda Mission

A short update on our journey so far. This post details planning permission and the progress we have made so far

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Uganda Mission

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A short update on our journey so far. This post details planning permission and the progress we have made so far

Update November 2023

Our Mission

A short break in the story to share our journey so far.

We arrived back home after our visit knowing that we wanted to do more and after very little debate we agreed to start looking for a piece of land on which we can build a home and school for 35 children. We asked Michael to start to look and after a short time we found an ideal plot that is big enough to build upon and have space for gardens to grow food for the children and of course a play area big enough for the children of the home and of course for the children of the village too as we really don’t want to cause any jealousy for the families there. It is our vision to include the village people as much as possible as they too have so little and it is important that they feel included in the project.

To cut a long story short we purchased the land in the name of New Hope Ministries Uganda and we are currently in the process of registering the freehold with the Ugandan government. What an amazing first step, the first of many and a great start. There is a picture with the land outlined below. As we will not be building on the land for some months (well we hope to be) Michael has planted the land with sweet potatoes which will give a crop early next year. Michael has also planted fruit trees there as we would like to grow as much of the food for the home as possible and get the children as they grow to be involved in this. There is a big mango tree on the grounds already that is producing good fruit and our hope is that the home will be self sufficient for a good part of the year with fruit and vegetables, a small chicken area for eggs and meat and a goat or two.

We have also obtained planning permission for the building and again this is going through the final stages of approval so that when we are in the position to start building all will be ready. The time scale on this is hopefully by the end of this year or early 2024. Things sometimes move slowly in the official channels of Ugandan bureaucracy. It is also very important to have the land registered correctly so that in the future there are no problems with the title. All permissions have been given locally by the village leaders and witness etc obtained for the official sale of the land but it is vital that we obtain the official Central Government confirmation that the title of the land has changed and is now owned by New Hope Ministries before we commence any building work.

Micheal is a builder by trade and has had an architect draw up the plans for a 3 storey building. The ground floor will be the school, the first floor separate accommodation for the boys and girls and also accommodation for house parents who will care for the children after school. The third floor will be for an office and a meeting room and a guest bedroom (or two). We are looking at generating the electricity by solar panels and batteries as there is a very poor electric grid out in the rural areas. Likewise we will dig our own well for the water supply. There is a well for the village where everyone has to collect their water manually, our plan is to have our own well and pump to supply the water to the property.

So what are the next steps we have to take to further this vision and mission?

We want to have this set up legally and as an official charity, so this process was started early this year after our visit and we already have a German charity set up and are currently in the process of setting up a Spanish charity. Our hope is also to have a UK charity too.

Secondly we are looking to build the school/home in three phases with a total estimated cost of $80000 or 80000 Euros. The first stage is to put in the foundations of the building, the main services i.e. water and electricity and of course plumbing and sewerage. The practical side of this will be overseen by Michael and I (Bruce) will relocate to Uganda for a period to oversee the administrative and financial aspect. The reason that I would need to go is because I don’t want there to be any hint of suspicion of financial mismanagement levelled against Michael or for him to have the pressure of dealing with larger sums of money. As an outsider I believe that the likelihood of bribes being demanded or pressure to spend money on other things that come up will be eliminated. We must not underestimate the pressure that anyone who has money there is under, especially when they know there is a charity supporting them. As I have mentioned in my previous two blogs the level of poverty is off the charts and we know there will be many distractions if the main vision is not held too.

The estimated cost of the first stage is $25000 or 25000 Euros. This is where we are hoping to have partners join us to make this happen. Once the stage is completed we will set about raising funds for the second phase which will be about the same, with the final stage being around $30000 or 30000 Euros.

Our third and final steps will be to find sponsors for the children that are willing to give a monthly or annual amount for their education, food and living expenses.

What are we hoping for? Well firstly is that you will join us in prayer for this mission that it succeeds. Secondly (maybe firstly for those of you who don’t believe in prayer) to share this project and consider joining with us financially to change the lives of 35 very desperate children. Thank you for reading this and I would love to hear from you as to your thoughts.


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