help to build school in ugandan
Christian community

After establishing children homes in India our mission has moved to a little village called Lucinda in Uganda (about 3 hours from Kampala) where we want to start again to give disadvantaged children the opportunity to have a home and an education. 

Luke 6:38. Give and it will be given to you. For the measure you give it will be given to you.

Coming Soon

Life in the New School

This is the planned daily schedule for the children when the school is built and operational. Morning: – The children will wake up and get ready for the day with the help of orphanage staff or volunteers. – They will have breakfast together in a communal dining area, where nutritious meals will be provided by […]

Christianity and the Poor: A Call to Compassionate Action

In the heart of Christian doctrine lies a profound commitment to caring for the poor and marginalized. From the teachings of Jesus Christ to the actions of countless believers throughout history, Christianity has consistently emphasized the importance of extending a helping hand to those in need. This blog post will explore the deep-rooted connection between […]

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